PDFpen Lets You Sign And Fill Out PDFs Print-Free

Mac: PDFpen is a smart and simple application that helps you fill out and sign PDFs without printing anything, perfect for times you have to fill out a little paperwork. No more print, sign, scan, then email.

PDFpen (made by the people who developed the incredibly time-saving text substitution app TextExpander) is perfect for anyone who fills out a lot of paperwork, but it's just as handy for those one-off documents. There's not much to getting started with it: Download the app, open it, pick a PDF to fill out, then grab the pen or text tool and get to work.

PDFpen is available as a free demo, but all PDFs saved with the trial will be waterstamped. That's good enough for a lot of paperwork (it's the version I use), but if you need it waterstamp-free, the $US60 version removes the waterstamp. Thanks Matt and Jason!

PDFpen [Smile Software]


    I'm able to do similar to this in Windows with PDFWriter -- I print the document I want to sign to a PDF, open the PDF and add an image of my signature (stored in an encrypted data drive via TrueCrypt) as an annotation, then print the PDF (including Annotations) to another PDF. Voila, signed document in PDF.

    Don't know about PC's but on a Mac, simply copy the pages into, well, .. Pages app (copy paste operation from Preview), copy in your signature as a gif with transparent bg (or anything else, text, images) and export as a pdf again. No printing, no scanning. Perhaps not a slick but works fine.

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