Ovi Downloads In Australia: Productivity Not A Focus

Nokia has released a list of the most popular Ovi downloads within Australia. That list suggests that productivity apps are not high on the priority list for most Ovi users. Here's the local top five:

  1. Angry Birds
  2. QTorch
  3. Need for Speed
  4. Marble Maze Classic
  5. AccuWeather
    1. We're not saying there's anything wrong with Angry Birds, but it's a shame there isn't at least one piece of more productivity-centric software there. A torch and tracking the weather don't quite cut it.


    The problem is the lack of useful productivity apps in the ovi store. I have recently found sports tracker its the best app fitness app on any platform

    After two years with winmo 6.1 I forgot just how banal nokia apps were, now that I have my new N8 I realize not much has changed,and is not likely to anytime soon.

    The selection of apps on Ovi store has been poor for a long time, but I think it's quite pessimistic to say that's not likely to change anytime soon. Nokia is just now rolling out a new application development model based on Qt, which should encourage development of a lot more useful applications.

    So I'd say that it *is* likely to change soon (though by no means guaranteed). It would be worth giving the Ovi store another chance in a year or so.

    Unsurprising really. The Ovi store is next to useless for most Nokia users, they really need to improve compatibility. Hell there isn't even a Facebook application for E71/E72 any more.

    what sort of productivity apps are people looking to download? i would suggest that most of them are already part of the installed apps. considering the E series phones are business orientated i wouldnt expect to see facebook app on it and i'd hardly call it a productivity app

    @Cameron the facebook app has been available for E71/2 since nov last year http://www.e71fanatics.com/2009/11/official-facebook-applications-for.html

      Yes I too have read that blog. However if you actually try to follow the link to the OVI store you'll find that app no longer exists.

    Why is QTorch the second most popular app, when you have to pay for it, but can get a similar app for free that is better anyway?

    Bright Light Touch

    I'd recommend it to anyone.

    It's because 'productivity' and 'Nokia' can't be used in the same sentence without breaking into laughter. Ovi store is also a joke. All my non entertainment Symbian software has been downloaded direct from the author's site or from stores like handango. Why? Because unlike the Ovi Store it actually works.

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