Our Top DIY Christmas Decorations And Wrapping

Our Top DIY Christmas Decorations And Wrapping

If you haven’t finalised your Christmas decorations yet or wrapped all the gifts, there’s still time to make a splash. Our 12 days of perfect Christmas planning continues with our favourite DIY decorating tips.

Nifty wrapping tricks

Personalised wrapping paper can have much more impact than the store-bought variety. Typographic wrapping paper will make a great impression. If you don’t want to go to quite that much effort, a DIY approach using Christmas stamps can be equally impressive. If Christmas-only paper seems inefficient to you, then consider silver as a useful all-purpose alternative. And if you want to make wrapping easier whatever the season, set up a dedicated gift wrapping station in your home.

Christmas lights bonanza

If you want your Christmas lights to serve as more than just decorations, try hacking them to also provide IM indicators. Whichever lights you purchase, make sure they meet Australian safety standards. And when you’re done, wrap them tangle-free so they still work next year/

DIY ideas

We assembled a huge roundup of DIY Christmas projects last year that’s still worth checking out. We’ve also got some geeky suggestions and a strange idea involving a tomato cage. However you source your decorations, make sure to hang them like a pro.

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