Optus To Offer Foxtel Over Cable Again

Optus To Offer Foxtel Over Cable Again

Since 2009, Optus hasn’t been selling new pay TV services, and has been stripping back the options for its existing customers. However, from next year it will again begin selling pay TV options from Foxtel to customers using its cable network, as well as offering satellite services in areas where its cable doesn’t offer.

That’s potentially good news for customers consider Optus cable as an option, though the rise of alternative TV viewing options online may make pay TV a harder sell than it used to be. However, as Mumbrella points out, the availability of 20 HD channels does offer a much wider choice than free-to-air at this point. The plans will go on sale from February.

Foxtel and Optus reach new subscribers deal [Mumbrella]


  • I’d be more interested in them making their cable internet available to unit-dwellers. Pay TV is of no interest to me with both FTA channels and the various internet TV/movie services that are available.

    It beggars belief that after all these years the only choice for cable internet you have if you live in a unit is BigPond. I guess now though with the NBN on the way they won’t bother to upgrade their cable network access now.

  • @ David
    They do offer this to Customers in Units.

    There are various difficulties associated with this however re Strata objections and Council restrictions.

    Might be worth a phone call.

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