Optus Prepaid Shared 3G WiFi Hotspot Has Six Month Expiry

It's catch-up week at Optus, it seems. Following its plunge into terabyte broadband plans, it has now launched into another growing product category: prepaid WiFi modems that let you share a 3G connection with multiple devices.

The Mini WiFi Modem Starter Kit is priced at $129, and includes a Huawei E583C and 8GB of data for use on Optus' 3G network. Usefully, the initial data has a six-month expiry, so you may not need to top up for a while. Top-up charges and expiry periods are detailed below:

As ever, you need to watch for the Optus 10MB minimum when counting data, especially when connecting multiple devices. To see how Optus stacks up against the competition, check our Planhacker guide to Wi-Fi hotspots.



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