Online Stores Not So Crash Hot With Unit Pricing

Online Stores Not So Crash Hot With Unit Pricing

Unit pricing — offering price information based on consistent units, such as per 100gm — has been compulsory since last December. The ACCC says that most larger supermarkets have adopted the regime well, but there’s room for improvement with online stores and some smaller supermarkets.

We already know that unit pricing systems aren’t necessarily consistent within the same store. The ACCC’s investigation into how well it has been implemented, based on a sample of 383 stores and 17 sites, found that while large supermarkets had 98% compliance, online stores only averaged 35% (which means that there’s at around dozen sites not doing the right thing). Stores that continue to ignore the code are likely to be hit with fines.

Encountered your own example of non-existent or confusing unit pricing information? Share it in the comments.



  • My favourite is when the unit pricing isn’t consistent – you’ll look at a product with multiple suppliers on the shelf, and the full range will have 100g and 1kg unit pricing – which you can calculate reasonable easily, but it would seem more polite to put it all the same.

    Another one is when you have something that you generally buy in very small amounts – dried parsley, for example – and the unit price is in kilos.

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