Mozo Making Charity Donations For Bank Reviews

One of the key features of finance comparison site Mozo is user reviews of bank accounts and services. Between now and December 23, Mozo will donate $1 for each review approved on its site to the Starlight Christmas Appeal.

The Mozo team's had a busy week — its data is also being used in the newly-launched Choice Compare, Ditch And Switch tool. Sharing useful information with other consumers is a worthy goal in its own right, but a donation to charity makes it even more attractive. Get in there and rate your bank now!



    What sort of "finance comparison site" is this Mozo when it doesn't even mention UBank?

    Once you fill out the questionnaire, you have to sign up before you can submit it...BS

    Mea culpa Mozo, mea maxima culpa. UBank is indeed there.....

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