Most Popular Road Worrier Columns Of 2010

Each week, Road Worrier looks at technology and tactics to make travel a smoother experience. Here's the most popular columns from 2010.

Five Traps To Avoid When Travelling To The USA

Recent changes to security regulations for US-bound flights highlight the fact that travelling to the US can involve unexpected experiences, even for frequent travellers. Here’s five things to remember if you’re planning a trip to the USA. (Note also that you now need to pay for an ESTA authorisation.)

Why MyZone Isn’t Good News For Public Transport Users

Sydney is about to introduce a new fare system for public transport, but despite claims to be simpler, MyZone doesn’t offer significantly better value or encourage people to use the system. Picture by adactio

What To Buy When Airport Shopping

Modern-day airports often look more like shopping malls than anything else, but that doesn’t mean buying stuff there is a sensible idea. What’s worth purchasing at the airport, and what should you leave for another day? Picture by teducation

When Your Universal Adaptor Doesn’t Fit

A universal adaptor lets you charge your travel gadgets anywhere in the world, but there’s one hidden trap to watch out for.

Road Worrier Road Tests The Livescribe

It’s a pen, it’s a voice recorder — and it’s useful enough to warrant a place in my list of technology travel essentials. Road Worrier gets hands-on with the Livescribe.

How Work Travellers Use The Internet In Hotels

If you’re travelling for work, then a decent Internet link is likely to be high on your list of priorities. But just what do travellers use that connection for? The answer turns out to be: not email. Picture by superciliousness

Tricks To Cut Airport Transfer Prices

Taking public transport to the airport is usually the cheapest option for solo travellers, but even with those cheaper prices there are some tricks you can use to cut costs still further.

A Model Complaint Letter (And Why You Should Never Travel On National Express)

Travel is often full of minor annoyances, but sometimes things go so badly that complaining is the only option. Here’s one example of how to go about it, plus a firm warning to any UK-bound travellers to avoid National Express at all costs. (Note: the complaint worked.)

How To Speed Your Way Through The Airport

Flying is the fastest way to get there, but the number of queues you need to stand in can sometimes make it seem like the slowest. Here’s some useful strategies to make your transit through the airport as fast as possible. Picture by James Morris

Road Worrier Tests 3G Networks Between Melbourne And Adelaide

I’ve already tested how 3G broadband works between on trains Melbourne and Sydney and Sydney and Brisbane. So it was inevitable that I’d have to try a similar trick travelling between Melbourne and Adelaide. Here’s what I learnt.

Lifehacker Australia editor Angus Kidman likes life on the road. His Road Worrier column, looking at technology and organising tips for travellers, appears each week on Lifehacker.


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