Most Popular Featured Workspaces Of 2010

Most Popular Featured Workspaces Of 2010

Every week we highlight the interesting workspaces of Lifehacker readers and companies around the world. Today we’re highlighting the 16 most popular workspaces from 2010 for your browsing and idea-gathering enjoyment.

Photo remixed from an original by Matt Katzenberger

The Day Trader’s Paradise

This monstrous workspace was our most popular of the year. Who could resist peeking in the article to see just how many monitors are in the setup? By far it was the most expensive workspace we featured and we’d dare to venture it had the most cable laid.

Build an Attractive DIY Desk and Workspace from Wooden Pallets

Here we peered into the offices of Dutch advertising firm Brandbase; the massive skylight, pallet-based construction, and wide open space was too much to resist. An office made out of pallets? It begs to be explored.

Inside the Offices of Moleskine

Whether you’re a Moleskin fan or not, it was an interesting office tour completely with employees lounging about, product display boards, and even the stations and machines that help craft Moleskin notebooks.

The Slimline Workspace: Hungarian Shelves and Hidden Cables

This workspace had all sorts of awesome going on: it was made from rough-hewn timber, had a custom mount (also made from rough hewn timber), floating monitors, and a compact footprint.

The Luxury Loft Desk

We get more emails about this workspace than any other we’ve ever featured. Everybody wants a super-cool green racing chair for their own office, it would seem.

Workplace Upgrades at Boxee, Mint, Google and More

During our Workplace Timesavers week we had a triple-whammy of a featured workspace post that highlighted the offices of Boxee, Mint, Google, EA Games, and more. Any of the workspaces would have been popular on their own, stacked together they were a sure-fire hit.

Float Your Desk to Create the Illusion of Space in a Small Office

Readers really dug the wrap around floating-desk that turned this bedroom into an uncluttered home office. It’s got loads of natural light, and unfettered view of the city, and a sense of openness thanks to the lack of table legs.

Shades of Grey, Steel and Cigars: A Garage to Office Conversion

This workspace began life as a garage stall and ended up as a sweet office with a slick monochromatic colour scheme, great lighting, and even a pair of leather chairs for relaxing and cigar smoking. We’re confident garages across America dream of retiring to such a state of luxury.

Monitors in a Sea of LEDs

Swanky mood lighting, independently-rotating monitor mounts, and a Spartan workspace are a recipe for reader interest. Is there anything a set of IKEA Dioder LED lights can’t improve? Our featured workspaces and DIY projects over the year could certainly argue that everything is better with LEDs.

Turn Your Desk into a White Board

You’ll never have to search for scratch paper again if you convert your desk surface into a white board. This awesome workbench has a surface covered by shower board which serves as a perfect white board for scribbling down notes and schematics.

Living the High School High Life: Quad Monitors and Computing in Style

We’re not going to go so far as to say that our readership has a soft spot for multiple monitors but we think it’s safe to say that the more glowing LCDs in a workspace glamour shot the more people take an interest. This great looking workspace belongs to a Lifehacker-loving high school student who-as we noted in the original write up-has a cooler setup at 17 than any of us did.

The Cordless Dorm

It’s great to have a place of your own (and the money necessary) to really pimp out your workspace. Most of us can recall life in the dorm, however, when space and money were at a premium. It’s an outright art form to put together a functional workspace in a crappy dorm room and this workspace was certainly worth noting.

The Computer Cabinet Office Rebooted

The Computer Cabinet Office was a reboot of an earlier office we featured. The reboot included better cooling for the computer and a vastly improved desk that featured recessed monitors and better mounting hardware for a just-perfect angle of view.

Ropelight City: The Nearly Free Office

The Ropelight City workspace was a popular workspace thanks to a combination of factors: it cost nearly nothing, had triple monitors and lightsabre. Slapping together a cool office with a geektacular vibe on the cheap is a win all around.

The Workspace-on-a-Shelf Office

Workspaces on a shelves were very popular in 2010, we featured several-including the two seen in this roundup. Space is at a premium for most people and a functional workspace that had no footprint on the floor and a very minimal footprint on the wall has a huge benefit for apartment and dorm dwellers.

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