Microsoft Security Essentials 2 Released, Still The Best AntiVirus

Windows: We've learned to stop worrying about AntiVirus software since Microsoft released their great Microsoft Security Essentials suite, but today it gets even better, improving Windows Firewall integration, network traffic inspection, and an heuristic scanning engine.

Microsoft's next version of Security Essentials is actually a pretty great update from its already-great predecessor. Microsoft's option has always been adequate at finding new malware without definitions, but the addition of an heuristic engine bumps its power up quite a bit. It may be subject to a few more false positives, but you're much less likely to get hit with malware than ever before.

It also includes some Windows Firewall integration that lets you tweak the Firewall from inside Security Essentials, as well as a network inspection feature that can inspect traffic as you browse, which is pretty neat. All in all, if you're using Microsoft Security Essentials (and why wouldn't you be?), you'll want to grab this update. Check for updates in the program or hit the link below to download it manually from Microsoft.

Microsoft Security Essentials is a free download for Windows.

Microsoft Security Essentials 2 [via Download Squad]


    This has been as you say great, and makes getting antivirus on any computers easy as pie. The chunk it adds to startup time is forgivable given it's convenience.

    Which would people recommend, MSE or AVG Free 2011?

      Personally, I'd say AVG because I've been using that for a while now and it's always done a great job and doesn't impact my pc's performance all that much. Last time I tried MSE (which was shortly after it was released) I found that it used quite a bit more RAM than AVG did so I dropped it.
      A comparison between this version and AVG free 2011 would be nice though.

        Really? i have found the opposite.

        not only has MSE been lighter on my ram (i am running 4 gigs) its no where near as annoying as AVG.

        as AVG likes to randomly scan and take up large amount of my CPU scanning all the search results from Google.

        also their light scan is VERY fast, and dynamic it seems, id recommend MSE over AVG any day.

        Yeah Id be very interested to see a comparison of AVG Free 2011 and MSE2 as well.

        Ive been using AVG Free 2011 since it came out and in that time it has intecepted viruses in email and downloaded files and Ive never had an infection while using it, its easy to update, doesnt seem to slow the PC down.

        So if MSE2 really is the best free antivirus as the title of the artical says, why is that? What does MSE2 do that makes it better?

    NOD32 for me please

      wow, comparing a paid product to a free one. how informative!

        Paid doesn't mean better dude.

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