Microsoft Ditching Windows Family Pack For The World

We've complained before that the bargain Windows Family Pack only shows up in Australia as a "limited offer" around Christmas. The odds of that ever changing now look very slight, with Microsoft taking the same "offer it then withdraw it" approach elsewhere in the world.

PC World reports that Amazon will stop selling the Family Pack to US customers on December 31. The Australian offer doesn't have an official end date, but seems unlikely to survive much longer. If you do want multiple Windows 7 licences, this is the cheapest way to get them (outside of an enterprise sales deal).

Windows 7 Family Pack Sales to Cease [PC World]


    It's shit like this that M$ does that makes me want to switch to OSX or Linux full time. If it wasn't for a good portion of my Steam games I would. 95% of my apps are available for Linux & OSX.

    They also really know how to rip a customer off for their operating systems since Windows 7 starts at 150 bucks or whatever here & the fact they're a single use license is even more annoying.

      Do a quick calculation on the cost of Windows 95 or 98 (your choice) and add inflation from then to now.

      Windows 7 is CHEAPER then the equivalent Windows was back then. Add to this that there are NUMEROUS student deals, upgrade versions and paths to getting the full software for significantly less money then the full price in stores.

      OEM copies (available from any computer store with it's salt) can be obtained WITHOUT purchasing hardware, which brings the cost down significantly again.

      Furthermore, read the terms of use, many Windows licenses allow for multiple installations for a single user. Desktop + Laptop etc.

      They used to shoot people for behaving like that. More's the pity that we stopped.

      @ Angus - The original release of the 3 pack software in Australia was a test to see how it would perform in this market space. It took some of the more senior people in MS a lot of fighting to get it over here.

      I don't agree with the withdrawal, but I do have to say I doubt it is to gauge customers..

      This is the same as the Office 2007 on USB that Microsoft trialled. They pushed it out to see how the market handled it and then withdrew it after review.

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