Make A DIY Nightstand Charging Station Lamp

Charging stations, night stands, and lamps are all useful things, but combining them into one handy, multipurpose item saves you space and is just pretty cool. Here's a neat DIY creation that does just that.

Instructables user Drocko took a crappy old nightstand and adding a charging station and a lamp to give it new life. If you want to make one of your own, here's what you'll need:

  • A nightstand
  • A router (of the hardware store variety)
  • A jigsaw
  • Some sandpaper
  • Paint
  • Plastic
  • A power strip
  • A CF bulb
  • The "guts" of a clamp lamp

This is a somewhat in-depth DIY project, but if you want to avoid buying new furniture and instead make something cool out of what you've already got, this is one great project to try. Check out the Instructables post for the full instructions.

Night Stand Charging Station Lamp [Instructables via Unplggd]


    "A router (of the hardware store variety)"

    Even after reading that, it took me a few good seconds to stop thinking
    "A.) Why do you need a router?
    B.) Should i use the wireless one ive got laying around....

      @ Reece,

      had to laugh that is exactly what I would you need a router for in a charging station???

      I almost opened the instructable before I read your comment. :)


        Then continued the think... WTF, Bunnings doesn't sell IT equipment...


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