Lifehacker Gift Guide: Ideas For Students

We've already covered a bunch of gift categories in our Lifehacker gift guide. This week, we're offering up budget, quality and luxury ideas for specific groups of recipients. First up: students.

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Upgraded Google storage

Cost: $US20 for 80GB Where to get it: Google Why it's a good choice: It takes some effort to fill up Google's free allocation of space, but it's certainly possible. Add in 80GB and you can go nuts with large media files.


Bigger Than Ben Hur Mixed Dozen

Cost: $137 Where to get it: WineMarket Why it's a good choice: Students drink some unutterable rubbish (I certainly did back in the day). Up the quality options for parties and get-togethers with a case of decent wine.


Samsung Galaxy Tab

Cost: $999 Where to get it: Any telco Why it's a good choice: We suggested a bunch of other Android phones last week, and our readers suggested a bunch more. For study purposes, the Galaxy Tab is appealing: you can use it as a portable, long-battery-life way of accessing your Google life, take notes in lectures, and also waste time tweeting and texting other people on campus.

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    "Students" and "$1000 Galaxy tab" don't really work well in the same sentence.

      Well, it is in the "luxury" section. And remember, it's an idea as a gift for a student, not from one :)


        Beer of the month is always a winnner too

    I'd love to see some gift ideas FROM students..

    Two things make the ultimate gifts:


    And a 250$ 24 inch monitor :)

    When I was a student, nice alcohol would have been nice and all...but I'd honestly have preferred a much larger amount of cheap-and-drinkable booze. I wasn't that much of an edge case, my usual drinking budget was something like $5 per drinking night - a litre of cheap port would do nicely..

    After that, my priorities would have been 'more harddrives', 'mi goreng', and maybe 'dollar coins to work a washing machine occasionally'.

    these are terrible ideas.

    - mozy - unlimited storage for $5/mo
    - 1.5TB hard drive
    - 24" monitor
    - Asus eeepc or emachine for bedtime :P

    As a student I certainly wouldn't say no to any of those gifts mentioned but something simple like a really good travel mug would be a great gift. Us students run on coffee.

    Such as:

    For beer, I would suggest to check out - They have a great range of boutique beer to try in a sample pack.

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