Lifehacker Gift Guide: Ideas For Business Travellers

Lifehacker Gift Guide: Ideas For Business Travellers

What do you give the person who has everything because they’re always in the duty-free section? Here’s some gift ideas for the business traveller in your life.

We’ve already covered travel accessories as a general area for gifts, and many of those choices are great for business travellers too, but here we’ve focused very specifically on items for people who travel regularly for work.


Universal Adaptor

Cost: From $35
Where to get it: Shop around
Why it’s a good choice: A sensible traveller should already have one — but a sensible traveller also knows that having a spare can sometimes be useful.


Telstra Ultimate USB Modem

Cost: From $299
Where to get it: Telstra
Why it’s a good choice: Like any 3G network, it doesn’t always perform at top notch, but when it does, nothing else comes near (including, potentially, your home ADSL connection).


Verona Laptop Cabin Trolley

Cost: $599.96
Where to get it: Rushfaster
Why it’s a good choice: It’s got leather. It’s got two waterproof side pockets. It’s got a two-year guarantee. It won’t wreck your shoulders or leave you standing mid-airport with a broken strap.

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  • A quality pair of noise cancelling headphones for flying or just drowning out background noise.

    I disagree about buying someone a bag as a present. Bags are a very personal thing. I know that some people in my office like a back pack, others a messenger bag and some brief case. I think it is unfair to buy someone a gift they really should be picking out themself to suit their needs/purpose.

    • Noise cancelling headphones are not a good choice. Good quality in-ear canalphones provide better noise reduction. Not only do they provide better attenuation, they also block every type of external noise, not just the low-frequency plane drone.

      Moreover, because you’re not spending money on signal processing, batteries and large over-ear headphones, the money that you do spend all goes into better drivers so they will sound better too.

      The only argument against canalphones is that some people find them uncomfortable. Try them on before you buy a pair.

  • +1 for the N/C headphones. They do get criticised by the audio purists, but on board a plane there is nothing like cocooning yourself away inside a decent set of noise reducing ear muffs.

    As for the power adaptor, yes, good choice, but beware, there are many variations, some better than others. The USB function doesn’t always perform, so a good idea to charge USB off the laptop where possible.

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