Lifehacker Gift Guide: Ideas For Book Lovers

Lifehacker Gift Guide: Ideas For Book Lovers

The printed word is always a great Christmas gift, but there’s a big risk with a book lover: they’ve already read it. Here’s some alternative gift strategies for the literati.


Dharma Door Book Bag

Cost: $29
Where to get it: Dharma Door
Why it’s a good choice: Eco-friendly and hand-made in Bangladesh, it’s always good to find a book bag which doesn’t have children’s TV characters on it.


Expedit Advent Bookshelf

Cost: $189
Where to get it: IKEA
Why it’s a good choice: Take a standard Expedit shelf, follow these instructions, and you’ve got a bookshelf which doubles as an advent calendar. Very cool.


Kindle DX

Cost: $US379
Where to get it: Amazon
Why it’s a good choice: Even if your book-loving recipient owns a more basic e-book reader, they’ll love the larger screen, instant 3G and Wi-Fi delivery, and impressive range of titles available on Amazon’s flagship device.

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  • These guides have all been staggeringly poor. Its like someone just posted the first three things that popped into their head when someone said “dad” or “mum”. Listing a Kindle is as useful as listing “A Book” and suggesting Amazon or Borders.

    If you want to post a guide for geeks I’ll do all the footwork for you in the space of time that it takes me to type it.

    1.) Find something on Think Geek and post that. A Jellyfish Touch Lamp or Bucky Balls.

    2.)For the more expensive option, list an open OS tablet.

    3.)Something for street cred. Say Ferrofluid or Aerogel.

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