Lifehacker Gift Guide: Camera Accessories

Chances are everyone you know already owns a camera, which makes accessories for them a great gift idea. Here's six thoughts to get you started.

Note: if you're feeling generous and are going to give your beloved an actual camera, then Gizmodo has a handy gift guide covering interchangeable lens models.


Lowepro Pro Roller

Cost: $517 Where to get it: Digital Camera Warehouse Why it's a good choice: If you're travelling with serious camera gear, it needs protecting. This bag matches airline carry-on dimensions, so you can keep your camera (and your laptop) close by, and has a removable backpack for on-site use.

Bokeh Masters Kit

Cost: $US30 Where to get it: Bokeh Masters Why it's a good choice: We loved this easy kit for adding bokeh effects to your photos. Using it is as simple as attaching the relevant cutout onto your camera.

Eye-Fi Explore X2 8GB

Cost: $US79.99 Where to get it: Amazon Why it's a good choice: It's been a great idea ever it first emerged — an SD card that can automatically upload pictures via Wi-Fi to your PC.


Gorillapod GP-1

Cost: Around $25 Where to get it: Shop around Why it's a good choice: For compact digital cameras, the original Gorillapod remains a great travel tripod: flexible, lightweight and just really, really handy. As an added bonus, it's available in red.

DVD drive as macro lens

Cost: $40 or so Where to get it: Shop around Why it's a good choice: For a camera freak with a DIY bent, you can convert the lens from a cheap DVD drive into a macro lens for your mobile phone.

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

Cost: Around $3.50 Where to get it: Any supermarket or chemist Why it's a good choice: No, it's not just for your lips. A careful application of Vaseline to a lens (or lens filter if you're being cautious) can give photos a dreamy, vintage effect. You might want to include a note explaining that with the gift to avoid causing confusion or offence.

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    I suggest asking the person beforehand. I know that kills the surprise, but you don't want to buy a gorillapod and find out that it won't support their DSLR with 9001mm lens on it. Plus some well-meaning gift buyers will get you DSLR accessories when you have a P&S, or get you a 50mm screw on filter that won't fit your 60mm lens. So ask about their camera first to avoid embarrassment.

    As for specific gifts, you can't go wrong with moar filters to add to the collection (IR filters and ND grads are my personal favourites), and even stuff like simple spirit levels -- stuff that they don't have, but will find good use for.

    And if any LH readers are looking to buy ME something. I'll take whatever is in the photo bag depicted above!

    As Grayda said - ask. Not a surprise, but not a nasty surprise either.

    Also, if you're spending $500 on a bag, get a ThinkTank rather than a LowePro - vastly better bags.

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