Lifehacker Gift Guide: A Homeless Dude Outside The Apple Store

Here's a Christmas fable for you: you're walking into your nearest Apple store and you spot a homeless man outside on the streets. Suffused with seasonal good cheer, you decide you will purchase something for this unfortunate citizen inside Steve's temple of beautifully designed tech. What should you pick?

Picture by Yagan Kiely


iTunes Card

Cost: $20-$100 Where to get it: Apple Store Why it's a good choice: Because the homeless dude can use the machines in the store to sell it as a free local pickup listing on eBay.


16GB iPad

Cost: $799 Where to get it: Apple Store Why it's a good choice: Because homeless people like iPads way more than you might think.


MacBook Air

Cost: $1599 (13 inch model) Where to get it: Apple Store Why it's a good choice: Because it's portable, not likely to crash and (again) easy to resell.

Lifehacker Gift Guide 2010


    Is this a joke or something? Ha ha ha. Real poor taste.

    C'mon, guys. Is this a joke?

    This is demeaning the plight of less fortunate people and does not really address their problem (mental illness, welfare red tape, etc).

    Did you just need to fill up your post quota for the day?

      I'm with Joseph; poor taste guys.

    I think the homeless guy would appreciate the cash instead of the iTunes card.

    An iPad or laptop would be a bit of a waste as they would either sell them and get only a fraction of their value back in cash or end up having them stolen as they don't have anywhere safe to store it.

    This post is bad taste why would you post soemthing like this?

    Angus you need to pull your head in and go buy a homeless person a sandwich you should feel ashamed of yourself for demonstrating how out of touch with the real world you are.

    Agreed. Bad Taste. Bad Ideas. If you are having trouble coming up with topics, ask your audience for them, surely they/we could come up with something better than apple store products for homeless people.

    This is in VERY poor taste...

    I would buy him a copy of iLife.

    Very poor taste...especially at Christmas

    Lifehacker has REALLY gone down hill over 2010.

    What happened?

    I agree with the previous comments.

    However some people call themselves homeless when the are travelling for a great length of time and dont sustain a permanent adress. Its mearly a play on words for somepeople so that others will sypathise with them and give free room and board.

    Although I did see one face book goon like this article, so there is sometime no acounting for good taste.

    To the posters above -> Yes it's a joke!

    Yep I also understand homelessness is not a good thing, but neither is standing on a political correctness soap-box all day, spouting to people that they should all be fixing the world's problems.

    Have a laugh - that also helps.

      I didn't think it was in poor taste, till I saw the comments: I thought it was a great thought provoking ironic stab at the self-indulgence of those who think that apple solves all: they're only products people; the homeless guy was there to represent life; life beats gadgets anytime.
      Eds-keep up the great irony!

    Seems typical of Mactard/Apple Fanboi douchebaggery.

    If -I- find this offensive, something has gone drastically wrong.

    Do you mean homeless, as in "does not have access to electrical sockets" homeless?

    How would the homeless guy use his iTunes card, iPad or MB? When he has no home to plug it in, no other computer to use iTunes (for the card or iPad to activate it).

    This is around 101% fail right here.


      Activate in-store and go to a cafe when you want to charge the batteries. C'est simple!

    And Gizmodo gets removed from my bookmarks list for being crap these days.

    Goodbye Gizmodo

    Err I ment lifehacker.

    If I were homeless, I know I'd want people to buy me an iPad (if I didn't already have one). Why? Google.

    As the homeless guy in the Giz article linked above said, he makes a living out of AdSense, writing books and such.

    The iPad can either be used for good things (such as learning, finding places, communicating with others etc.) or it can be sold to rent a place for a few weeks or stock up on food and clothing.

    'sides, if I had the choice of giving money or an Apple product to a homeless guy, I'd pick Apple. Who knows what this guy could be spending that cash on?

    id give him steve jobs home address

    I'd pay the store security guy to make sure the homeless person is no longer outside once I finish shopping Mac products.

    Then I'd go home and read Lifehacker on my brand new iPad.

    He's not homeless, he is No 1 in queue for the iPad 2!


    Yep, you screwed up. A small donation to a homeless charity and apology would be appropriate. No harm no foul and everyone gets to move on.

    I'm certainly not going to continue subscribing if you can't fix this.

    are you serious lifehacker? macbook air for a homeless? they don't even have internet

      There are plenty of free wifi hotspots around...

    Get over it. I would've thought the readers on here would be smart enough to realise the whole story was tongue in cheek. If your really concerned with the suffering of homeless people then how about you all go hand them $50

      I am smart enough to realise that it is in tongue in cheek. I still find it appalling.

      I am concerned about homeless people as I work with them on a daily basis, i also do donate money to the homeless (do you?). I also understand that the homeless also need more assistance than money.

      It is still in poor taste, not funny, witty or clever in any way shape or form. To use those less fortunate than yourself to get a cheap laugh is atrocious.


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