LastPass Acquires Xmarks, Free Bookmark-Syncing Plans Available

From the files of the That Acquisition Totally Makes Sense Dept: Universal password manager LastPass, maker of our favourite any-browser-anywhere security solution, is acquiring Xmarks, the bookmark syncing tool that was scheduled to shut down in January 2011 from lack of revenue, but then bought and saved (the unnamed buyer, whom we now know).

The key figures for subscribers? The free plan sticks around, but a premium plan, with Android/iPhone apps and priority support, will go for $US12 per year, and you can bundle LastPass Premium into that deal for $US20 a year. Intrigued? Go ahead and check out the upgrade to Xmarks premium.

[Xmarks Blog via BoomTown]


    Been a big fan of LastPass for months now, but never got around to upgrading to Premium to show my appreciation. I sure as heck am now!

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