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You wanted top 10 lists galore, better bank deals and gift ideas. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. Compare, Ditch And Switch Tool Identifies Savings From Changing Banks
    Australians love complaining about bank rip-offs, but are often reluctant to make the effort to change. A new tool co-developed by financial advocate Choice and finance comparison site Mozo helps you identify the savings available if you do make a change to a better deal.
  2. Most Popular How-To Guides Of 2010
    We cover a lot ground every day on Lifehacker, but we get our greatest pleasure from putting together in-depth, step-by-step guides, making complicated tasks easy to do yourself. Here’s a look back at our most popular how-to features of 2010.
  3. Most Popular Top 10s Of 2010
    Each week, we pore through our favourite tips and tricks to find 10 great hacks surrounding any subject, from food and thumb drives to browsers and Wi-Fi. Here are our most popular Top 10s of 2010.
  4. Best Desktop App Winner: Lifehacker 2010 Awards
    The first group of votes have been counted, and we have our winners for Best Desktop App. So which products have walked away with the prize?
  5. Lifehacker Gift Guide: Ideas For Students
    We’ve already covered a bunch of gift categories in our Lifehacker gift guide. This week, we’re offering up budget, quality and luxury ideas for specific groups of recipients. First up: students.
  6. TV Networks Still In Denial Of BitTorrent Reality
    The fact that it’s easier and more reliable to download TV via BitTorrent than watch it via erratic broadcaster schedules is hardly a new development. However, commercial TV networks appear to be largely in denial about that threat to their business.
  7. Detect Liars By Offering Them Two Choices
    Need to weed out a liar? Try tricking them with a choice. Because liars have to think so much to keep track of their lies, they’ll often be unable to come up with an alternate to the options you provide.
  8. Jetstar $1 Fares Deal Not Much Of A Saving
    Jetstar is running a promotion which offers $1 fares to anyone signed up to its mailing list, which sounds like an amazing bargain at first glance. But it doesn’t take too much digging to establish that your savings will very probably be slight at best.
  9. Best ISP Winner: Lifehacker 2010 Awards
    The vote for best ISP was closely fought, and it’s probably no surprise that the two prime contenders have names beginning with I. Who got the Lifehacker reader vote?
  10. The Five Best Chrome Web Apps That Aren’t Just Bookmarks
    When Chrome launched their web store earlier today, the main question on a lot of minds was: “How are these apps any different from bookmarks?” Here’s a look at five of our favourite exclusive apps for Chrome that stand out.


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