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You wanted better digital TV, Android advice and cheaper laptops. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. Five Annoying Things About Digital TV
    Digital TV brings many benefits: extra free channels, potentially better reception, HD broadcasts, and an electronic program guide. But it also has its own nuisances. Here’s five things about digital TV that continue to annoy Lifehacker readers.
  2. Should I Root My Android Phone?
    Dear Lifehacker, I made the switch to a smartphone a few months ago (namely the HTC Legend running Android 2.1, a decision I have never looked back on). Being the gadget geek I am, there hasn’t been a day spent since when I haven’t configured or reconfigured part of my phone to better suit my user experience. But now I need to make a bigger decision: is it time to root the phone so I can match it even more closely to my needs?
  3. Can I Salary Sacrifice My Laptop?
    Dear Lifehacker, I have an old MacBook that I primarily use for work, that I have recently killed by spilling a cup of coffee onto it. I have been searching the net for tips regarding salary sacrificing a laptop and the tax benefits. I haven’t really found any helpful information and were wondering if you would be able to assist? I know you people are not accountants, and that the process may differ from workplace to workplace, but I’m wondering if you can least point me in the right direction.
  4. Lifehacker Gift Guide: Travel Accessories
    Whether for work or pleasure, your travel experience will be enhanced by the right gadgets and accessories. Here’s a selection of ideas to please the traveller in your life.
  5. NaNoWriMo: What Writing A Novel Teaches You
    One month ago, I set out to write a novel. 30 days later, the novel is finished (at least in the sense of being a complete first draft). Here’s what I learned from the process, most of which has nothing to do with writing fiction.
  6. Which Phone Companies And ISPs Get The Most Complaints?
    The TIO’s annual report summarises which ISPs (and telephone companies) get the most complaints and what they’re doing wrong. Who’s topping the charts this year?
  7. Simple Desktops Is A Hub For Attractive, Distraction-Free Wallpaper
    There are plenty of great wallpaper resources, but it’s hard to find a great image for your desktop that’s both beautiful and distraction-free. Simple Desktops aims to do just that by collecting the best, simple wallpapers on the web.
  8. Top 10 Registry Tweaks That Power Up Windows
    The Windows registry is a mysterious place, but if you’re comfortable editing it, you have the power to tweak nearly every Windows setting you can imagine. Here are 10 of our favourite registry tweaks that make life easier.
  9. Samsung Galaxy S Finally Gets Froyo Update From Optus
    If the comments being posted by readers are any guide, Optus has finally released the long-awaited Froyo update for the Samsung Galaxy S. That fits within the “weeks” promise it originally made, though we’re still hoping against sense that Android updating will get less painful in the future.
  10. All We Need For Christmas Is A Very Fast Train
    The concept of some sort of very fast train (VFT) service connecting major cities is endlessly discussed in Australia, but nothing ever seems to happen. Why can’t we get this concept moving?


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