Is The Tie Officially Dead?

Time was that any man working in a central city location would wear a tie to work as a matter of course. Has the tie now become an endangered species?

I'm a journalist and a slob, so I very rarely wear a tie anymore. I got invited to an evening work function by an enterprise software company at a very swish restaurant the other week, so I decided to bust out one of my ties for a rare public showing.

It turns out that even in that context, I probably needn't have bothered: in a group of a dozen people, I was one of just two men wearing a tie. Collared shirts are still pretty common, but it seems we're not feeling the urge to add a tie as often as we used to (let alone learning how to tie one in less than ten seconds).

I'm curious how widespread this phenomenon is. Have you given up wearing a tie to work? Did you ever wear one in the first place? Are ties now relegated to formal functions, or can't you imagine getting dressed for work without one? Share your tie philosophy in the comments.


    I wear a lanyard with my id tag in place of a tie. If you try to wear both at the same time it's a bit annoying!

    I work in the corporate office of John Holland Construction Group in Brisbane. Most people I work with have been promoted from contruction sites originally and therfor are not keen on the formal atire and upsettingly, there are few who do wear ties. However, those who of us who do look amazing and I get many comments, especially from the ladies. I'm bringing the tie back!

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