iiNet Joins Mobile Fray, No Data Only Options

iiNet Joins Mobile Fray, No Data Only Options

Given its overall size, it was surely only a matter of time before iiNet added mobile telephony to its roster. The ISP has added a set of postpaid mobile options to its roster, but doesn’t currently have any prepaid plans.

There are three monthly plans: $10 (200MB of data and $150 in call credits), $20 (500MB and $400) and $40 (1.5Gb and $750). Rates are standard and unremarkable: a 35 cent flag fall, 90 cents a minute for cells, and 25 cents for text. The plans are described by iiNet as “contract free”, though you’ll need to be an iiNet customer to sign up.

Like practically everyone who doesn’t own their own mobile network, iiNet is using Optus for its service. That means you get some familiar Optus features (free browsing on social networking sites), and also potentially Optus’ network performance woes.



  • “doesn’t currently have any mobile broadband standalone deals”

    You might want to actually look at their site, they’ve had them for a while now…

    I would have posted a link to it, but it seems your site doesn’t like people posting links.

      • Why is it that Australians seem to go out of their way to make life bloody impossible?!!!!!
        When I was living in Malaysia, the cost of the mobile-net and cell phones was so cheap that it was impossible to understand how they could do it.
        For example I rang my mate living in London. Spoke to him for 20 minutes (count ’em!) How much? RM2.90!!! In Australian dollors…just under a dollar?????

        Here, they go out of their way to ensure it’s bloody near impossible to afford; understand how to join up and get the product they offer…then you’ve got to endure crappy reception woes or over-charging by incompetant administrators.

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