If You're Recording Something To Watch Later, It's Probably Drama

2010 has been the first year where shows we've recorded to watch later have been included in official ratings. It's no surprise that drama tops the list of shows we want to catch even at a distance, but the figures are still far from complete.

Amanda Meade at The Australian reports that OzTAM figures show that the top-gaining show was Packed To The Rafters, which gained 181,000 viewers for its October 26 transmission. Other shows with similar gains included Glee, Rake and Midsomer Murders, though none saw a gain of more than 10% of live-broadcast viewers.

Of course, those figures are just a fraction of the story. The Australian TV industry likes to act as if BitTorrent doesn't exist, so we have no data on how many people never bother recording shows in the first place, something which could impact overseas shows in particular.

Just for the record, drama wins easily: OzTAM ratings [The Australian]


    Personally I record a lot more comedy, current affairs and sport. But that probably just says mroe about my own tastes.

    I'd suggest people are more likely to record drama because the 'cost' of missing an episode is greater for drama.

    "The Australian TV industry likes to act as if BitTorrent doesn’t exist"

    Thankfully they're starting to take notice. The most recent SPAA conference (the biggest annual film industry get together in Australia) actively noted Channel BT as a content provider whenever market share was bought up in sessions.

    Doesn't mean they're going to respond to it in any useful way anytime soon, but you know, small steps ;)

    I record everything except live sport, because live sport is the only content on TV that starts on time.

    TV stations treat its viewers with contempt and have this strange notion that if they start programs late i'll stick to their channel or something. Wrong!

    I record evrything and watch it at a time that suits me and I dont waste 10 to 15 minutes waiting for a program to start. If they also happen to put a repeat on for whater strange reason they thing i'm going to watch it I can just delete, more time saved.

    Even better, you can skip the ads. They are their own worst enemy

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