HP Printer Apps Still Not Delivering The Goods

Last week, my colleague Nick at Gizmodo reamed HP's latest printer app for being a pointless waste of time designed to do nothing except waste ink. My objection remains simpler: printer apps work really, really badly.

HP last week announced the first Australian printer app, the Daily Brief, which prints a selection of news headlines from Yahoo!7 for you to read at your leisure. This is, as Nick rightly points out, a pretty lousy idea: why exactly are you carrying a smart phone anyway? But even assuming you like the concept, the reality is deeply, deeply disappointing, just as it was when I first tested these earlier this year.

My attempts to install the Daily Brief app on a supported printer were entirely futile: as far as the system is concerned, the app didn't exist. And when I tried using the similar Daily Digest app, it was a catalogue of disasters. The first attempt failed to connect. The second attempt crashed the printer. The third attempt finally produced a set of stories, many of which finished mid-sentence. As a news experience, it was even less satisfying than watching A Current Affair. Memo to everyone involved: must do better.


    Remember back in the days when this happened:
    -Type up a document
    -Hit print
    -Your document printed

    No crapware drivers, custom management consoles, extended printer configuration and photo optimization features, ink level monitoring, suggestions of where to buy new ink and clumsy printer interfaces?

    One thing i thought would be bad in Ubuntu is very little official drivers. This has actually become a huge positive, especially with printers.

    I'm still waiting for them to release a driver for my 6160 that works properly with windows 7; currently running an XP install inside virtual box so I can tell the printer "yes I know the ink is low" with out googling how to hold my mouth while I press which combination of buttons. (that's after figuring out somehow that ink low is the problem 'cause win7 can't tell me)

    Some real drivers rather than apps please.

    We've got an HP printer, which works pretty well, although the ink's awfully expensive. But I'd never buy an HP again because of the annoy-ware that comes with their printers. What was wrong with just having a printer driver?

    Would be great if they had more practical apps. The recipe app is great and I wish maps were available on my D110.

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