How To Narrow Down Exact Duplicates In iTunes

How To Narrow Down Exact Duplicates In iTunes

We’ve mentioned iTunes’ “show duplicates” feature before, but on its own, you might still have to sift through a lot of songs. With the ever-useful Option key, however, you can narrow down those results to show exact duplicates only.

The problem with iTunes’ default “show duplicates” feature (for some) is that it shows anything that might be construed as a duplicate – which means live tracks, bootlegs, alternate recordings or tracks that show up on compliation albums are all shown as duplicates even if they’re different tracks. This means you’ll narrow down your choices, but it’ll still be a lot to sift through, especially if you have a big library. Reader Sikstik, though, shows us how to narrow the search for duplicates down to exact duplicates only:

To see all Exact Duplicates in iTunes, Click File from the iTunes menu and then hold down the Option key. Display Duplicates should now change to Display Exact Duplicates, which should result in a shorter list of duplicates.

This feature may have been there for awhile, but we hadn’t seen it before, so we thought we’d share. It’s just another example of the great features that Option key keeps hidden away for you. Note that Windows users should be able to find this option by using the Shift key in place of Option.


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