How To Get The Most Out Of Speech Recognition Software

Many people feel speech recognition isn't good enough for every day use, but several devotees couldn't live without it. If you're looking to start using speech recognition, David Pogue has some tips to make it more effective.

David Pogue, writing for Scientific American, admits that speech recognition isn't perfect but that he's been able to achieve nearly 100 per cent accuracy with a few tricks. For starters, he recommends replacing the headset you're provided with because you can always find a better one. The more important takeaway, however, is to always correct the software by voice. When you type, it doesn't learn. We learn to understand language through repetition, so the software needs to learn that way as well. You want to teach it to learn your natural speech patterns, so be patient, talk normally, and correct by voice when necessary. This should, ultimately, make your speech recognition software work better than you expect.

Use It Better: Getting the Most Out of Speech Recognition Software | Scientific American


    Dragon Naturally Speaking dictation works OK but it can get expensive depending on the version. There is another application named tazti Speech Recognition that is a free download. It's mostly internet navigation, itunes control, voice searches and Facebook navigation all by voice. They also just added a dictation capability that is also free. They have some premium features as well. Including playing PC games via speech recognition and an Speech Recognition API for those of us who are builders and makers of robotics or who like to mashup websites to speech recognition. Here is the link to the free tazti speech recognition download.

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