How To Find A Good Shoe Repairer

If you've paid good money for a comfortable pair of shoes, getting them fixed is frequently cheaper than buying a new pair when problems arise. The Niggle It blog shares an ingenious trick for finding a reliable shoe repair shop if you're in an unfamiliar city.

The tactic is pretty obvious when you think of it: ask a place that already sells expensive shoes what they do for repairs:

Simply call the local Louis Vuitton store and ask for the “Service Desk”. Ask where they send their shoes for basic repairs. Tell them you are trying to locate a local "high quality shoe repair shop". Gucci, Prada and nearly any high end shoe store should give you a very well educated answer. Mostly likely they all use the same repairer as they have all done the leg work and found skilled people. Getting the answer is easy as that.

Language barriers might make that harder in some cities, but it's definitely worth trying. Got your own tactics for tracking down good repairs? Tread the well-worn path to the comments.

How to find the best Shoe Repair places - in any city! [Niggle It Blog]


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