How To Export Your Delicious Bookmarks And Import Them Into Your Favourite Browser

It seems Yahoo is shutting down its social bookmarking service Delicious. Before you lose all your bookmarks, here's how to export them from Delicious and get them into your favourite browser.

Thankfully, Delicious provides a very easy export method for getting all your bookmarks into a browser-friendly HTML file. Just head into Delicious' Settings and hit Export / Backup Bookmarks. You can choose to include your tags and notes with the bookmarks as well, but these won't import into your browser; you'll only be able to view them by opening up the file that Delicious gives you. Hit Export and move over to your browser. Note that depending on your browser, you may need to change the resulting file's extension from .htm to .html first.

Open up your browser's bookmark manager and look for an import option. In Google Chrome, you'll find it under Organize > Import Bookmarks; in Firefox it's under the button with the star icon. When prompted, navigate to the HTML file that you downloaded from Delicious and your browser'll put those bookmarks into its bookmark manager.

Apart from the lack of tags and notes from Delicious — which is to be expected — they should all be imported just fine. If you had put a lot of effort into organizing your Delicious bookmarks, there's no way around it — you'll have to separate them all into folders manually again. But at least you haven't lost those links, right?

Export / Download Your Delicious Bookmarks [via @mat]


    Any one know of any good alternatives to delicious?

    What I don't get is why google hasn't joined up chromes bookmarks(easy access via the bookmarks bar) with
    I want my chrome bookmarks in the cloud google.

    I've exported my bookmarks and attempted to import them using Opera and Xmarks, with only partial success (Opera imported them in one big untagged lump; Xmarks won't import from a file at all, only the last 100 bookmarks from the Delicious API).

    I have. however, been able to import the entire file, including tags, into Diigo Will see how it goes for usability. They are apparently having a lot of import requests right now, so I guess maybe a lot of other Delicious users are migrating as well.

    I think people should migrate and distance thenselves from dissarrayed companies. Yahoo is that kind of company and Google can also User can turn that direction. Future are emerging companies like Instapaper or ReadItLater, which are present both mobile and on desktops. I’d recommend tool for import of Delicious bookamrks to Instapaper

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