How To Celebrate An Ethical Christmas

How To Celebrate An Ethical Christmas

Christmas is often the season of conspicuous consumption, but you can celebrate the season without trashing the planet. The Ethical Consumer Guide has a roundup on how to plan a more ethical approach to Christmas — a useful addition to our 12 days of perfect Christmas planning if you’re so inclined.

The guide covers planning your meal, gifts and decorations, and includes lots of local supplier details to help you hunt down unusual items. There’s a reminder that the traditional Aussie seafood Christmas often involves at-risk species:

Avoid the following seafood and fish species. Orange Roughy, Tuna, Blue Grenadier, Atlantic Salmon, Striped Marlin, Toothfish, Swordfish, Hake, Oreodory, Skates and rays, Prawns, Sharks.

Yep, prawns are considered a damaging foodstuff by Greenpeace because of the way that they are caught. Hit the link below for the full guide.

While you're in a helping the world mood, consider donating any old unused mobile phones through the MobileMuster program. For every two phones donated until the end of January, the scheme will purchase a duck for a family in Mozambique. There are lots of options for phone recycling, but this is a nice seasonal twist.

The Ethical Christmas Resource Kit Thanks Roseanne!


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