How Do You Organise Your Smartphone's Home Screen?

There's an app for every inch of your home screen and so it's easy to find your smartphone's home screen full of clutter. How do you organise your home screen to find things easily and work better with your phone?

We've taken a look at organising your Android home screen, but as an iPhone user I don't have a ton of options for keeping things nice and tidy. All I've got is a grid with folders and pages. I still get by, just as well, by putting my most commonly used apps on the main page, organised folders of other apps on the second page, and apps I'm trying out on the third page. This way everything is in order of how often I use it. I am considering the addition of a visual speed dial page to speed up my calls, but we'll see.

How do you organise your homescreen? Post your methods (and screenshots!) in the comments.


    One thing I can't live without is the Five Icon Dock (via Cydia)!

    I basically have 5 most-accessed apps, so they are all in the dock, then I have folders on my home screen, and finally apps I rarely/never use on the second screen.

    Works great :)

      I don't want to jail break, so i have to resort to having a folder in the dock, it works reasonably well for me.

    Not to mention.. Pair 5 icon dock with the 5 column home screen for another 4 icons.
    (Jailbroken only guys - sorry)

    I organise my apps by color-matching columns and then within the columns by hue.

    Yes, it is tricky to manage and requires a bit of home screen flipping.

    Having last night swapped my linked computer to another I'm having to rearrange all my app icons. This has to be the major frustration with the iPhone. Am I missing something? Is there a way to keep them how I want them instead of alphabetical? Once I have them under control it tends to be most used on page 1 and games on page 2 - but I can see that taking a week to fix!

    seems pretty easy to drag theme where you want to me. The only time they should move is after an update and only if you have them in a folder. I find it more fiddly but you can arrange the layout in iTunes and sync it from there.

      iDevices - Infinifolder + Five Icon Dock + MultiIconMover = 1 home screen...where I have one folder on the doc....and folders within that folder...and folders within those folders. BOOM-Shakalaka!

      I found to my horror that I had 288 apps! They has all been booted out of their folders and I had about 4 "hidden screens". Fiddling and moving them around - and deleting a bunch of dross - is what takes time. The question remains as to why apple let iTunes arbitrarily trash my layout?

    On my Android phone I keep the center screen as clear as possible.

    Top Row: weather widget
    Bottom row: contacts, messages, browser, phone

    I leave the middle blank to put post-its from Colornote or the calendar widget in the center of the screen as reminders.

    FolderEnhancer. All you need - just put frequently used apps in the homescreen itself.

    I would question the picture at top in terms of layout. Your top four aps and bottom for are the easiest to select, spaitially speaking.

    Therefore those eight should be your most accessed apps. With the four corner apps being you "primary" apps. I'd also question the location of the iPod app as there are already two other ways of quickly accessing it (from the lock screen and double tapping again when unlocked.

    These layout rules I have pretty much stolen from every windows OS ever and I think they work ok.

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