Hidden Finds Your MacBook, Snaps The Thief, Free Until January

Hidden Finds Your MacBook, Snaps The Thief, Free Until January

Mac OS X only: That new MacBook Air? It’s easy for a thief to hoist. Install theft-tracking solution Hidden and you’ll know your MacBook’s coordinates, screenshots, webcam pictures and other incriminating data—and the app (normally $US20) is currently free.

Unlike some other device-tracking services (like the Prey service we detailed in a video drama), Hidden doesn’t constantly ping back, or do anything, really, until you mark your device “Stolen” through the web app. When you do pull the trigger, Hidden gets to work, collecting location data pulled from every source it can, snapping pictures of the thief or screen regularly or on-demand, and capturing all kinds of nerdy network use data.

The Hidden team does a lot of things right, beyond data collection. They state that they work with police if you file a claim, they offer a 50 per cent discount if you’re upgrading from another loss-prevention package, and they offer lots of advice on their support page about setting up your Mac to best take advantage of their service (hint: having a “Guest” account can be a good idea, in this case).

Hidden, normally $US20, is free until January through Hidden’s website.

Hidden [via @jasonsantamaria]


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