Got An Overheating PC? Check For BIOS Updates

I mentioned in yesterday's chill mat roundup that my current notebook is running a tad on the warm side. Using a chill mat consistently has definitely helped, but I've also seen an improvement after updating the BIOS

Picture by Uwe Hermann

While I'm pretty strict about software updates on my PC, hardware is another story. I hadn't contemplated updating the BIOS until a utility on my PC noted that a new version was available. That's the first time I've seen it in 18 months; whether that's due to a slow update cycle or because the utility is iffy at offering information is anyone's guess really. However, after installing it, I have noticed a definite improvement in the PC's performance, and a lowering of the system temperature (albeit not to the point where I can abandon the chill mats).

It's an obvious step when you think of it, but the kind of thing that doesn't always occur to those of us who aren't permanently in overlocker/CPU/BIOS patch mode. Depending on your PC or notebook model, you may have a utility on board that can check for if there's a new BIOS available; if not, noting the details during boot-up and some quick Google action will establish if you have any upgrade options.


    About the chill mats...I don't use them, I just prop my laptop on an old Guinness World Records book :P

      My wife and I use upside down plastic dish drainers. Looks a bit funny, but they have a flat enough surface and, most importantly, allows air circulation.

    What update utility do you use?
    I use Driver Genius Pro and sUMO for updating drivers and software but I don't they check BIOS updates.

    Would this account for unexpected shut downs? I've been trying to update my BIOS but both ASUS utility donwloads won't install on my 64-bit Vista OS.

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