Google eBookstore Opens With 3 Million Titles, Free Apps

Google's thrown open the doors to an online bookstore stocked with over three million titles, which you can store and read in the cloud as if they were Gmail messages. Google's also offering free reading apps for Android and iOS devices.

Beyond Android and iOS, Google's eBookstore supports Nook, Sony readers and other devices, as well as offering straight-up access through the web. Other retailers will offer Google's eBookstore offerings for sale, and Google claims it will offer "unlimited storage" of your purchases, with your page progress synced across everything.

Google's made an effort to offer up lots of modern, popular books at reasonable price, though in a move that will surprise no-one, right now the paid books are a US-only offering. However, there are also a lot of free books in the collection, culled from Google's scanning of more than 15 million items in library archives. A video demonstration of Google's new Books and eBookstore is available, but it's neither playing nor embeddable for us — we'll update soon.

Google eBookstore Discover more than 3 million Google eBooks from your choice of booksellers and devices [Official Google Mobile Blog]


    Not available for Oz yet unfortunately

      Actually it seems that only the paid selection is not available. Free eBooks can be downloaded.

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