Get Rid Of Static Electricity With A Wire Hanger

While there are a number of ways to beat static on your clothes, weblog DIY Live shows us all you really need is a wire hanger.

Of course, if you think ahead you can prevent it in the first place with damp washcloths and other remedies, but if you're about to jump out the door and your clothes are sticking to you, the quickest method is to run the long end of a wire hanger over the surface of your clothes. It seems a little strange, but it's a pretty popular trick — and a heck of a lot easier than rubbing lotion all over yourself or splashing your clothes with warm water. Hit the link to read up on other methods for removing that static cling.

Static Electricity: Tips to Control It [DIY Life]


    Strange, Winter this year is very warm. In any other year I would call this Summer. Oh well, I guess that's global warming for you!

    P.S. Better filtering of US articles please.

      ANY filtering of US articles would be nice. Especially those about things exclusively limited to the US.

      And AU flag with a red line through it would be a great way to show that the story is purely informative, and doesn't apply to AU readers. Would save reading, clicking a few times, then finding out the offer/information/software is US only.

        Articles that are entirely irrelevant do get filtered. We're not perfect, but we do dump a lot of stuff before it ever reaches these pages.

    Why do i get shocks when in supermarkets off shelves and tins, doors of freezers and fridges.

    I went shopping with my daughter the other day and we were basically wearing the same clothes (uniform) i have cotton insoles in my shoes and she wears nylon stocking footlets, I tend to wear a cotton/synthetic blend of underwear, why does it happen to me and not her

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