From The Tips Box: Send To Voicemail, Storing Boxes

Readers offer their best tips for getting rid of annoying recurring phone calls in Android, storing things in their original boxes, and keeping a bit of floss on hand at all times.

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Send Calls Directly to Voicemail in Android

Ripperzane shares a way to avoid annoying callers:

I made a contact on my phone named Irritants, so I know when I don't want to pick up the phone. What's special about the ones in this contact, though, is that they don't EVER leave a voicemail. Thus, you can avoid them by just sending them straight to voicemail all the time. The setting is under your contact list after hitting Menu > Options. Toggle "send to voicemail?" to yes. Apparently you can add a lot of people to this list. Mine is about 15+ phone numbers long now.

Use Velcro to Keep Original Packaging Closed

Sleephacker shares an easy way to store toys and gifts in their original packaging:

Here's a tip for all the presents that get stored in the original box between uses: Add adhesive Velcro buttons (available at any office supply store) to the box opening. They allow you to securely store the item and open it easily when you use it (rather than taping the boxed closed and cutting it open every time).

Store Floss in Between Your Phone and Its Case for Quick Teeth Cleanings

Photo by Greg Ma.

Olibrowning lets us know a good place to store that oft-needed but seldom-carried household item:

Ever got that awful feeling when you get a bit of food stuck in your teeth?

You could of course try and dislodge it by shoving your fingers in your gob and rummaging around with your nails. But, sometimes that doesn't work.

So, just keep a little bit of floss somewhere on your person. One good spot would be in-between your phone and case. Just take a little bit of floss, roll it up and put it somewhere. Or even take a whole roll of floss. It really helps to remove bits of food, which sometimes can be quite painful.

We've shared a similar tip before, but like emergency cash, this is worth mentioning, as floss is definitely one of those items I constantly wish I had on my person but don't seem to remember to carry (nor would I like to let it take up room in my pockets).

Use a Knife Rack to Store Tools

Jasone1 lets us know a clever way to store tools at your workbench:

Shophack. Use the Grundtal magnet knife rack on your peg board to hold tools! Love it.


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