Firefox 4 Beta 8 Available For Download, Improves Syncing Setup

Windows/Mac/Linux: Firefox 4 is out with another beta, and this one has mostly bug fixes — more than 1000 of them, actually. But Mozilla has simplified and improved the process for setting up syncing between desktop and mobile browsers.

Mozilla's servers offer up downloads of Firefox 4 beta 8 (for Windows and Mac, and other languages/OS on the FTP server), but their home page for the beta, and "Check for updates" hasn't quite caught up (we'll update the post when it does). In the meantime, grab the more stable version of Firefox 4 and tell us what you think in the comments.

Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta 8 Fixes [Mozilla]


    Can someone install and report if the Feedback buttons works? Right now it takes you to a screen that says "You need [insert the beta you're already using] to report Feedback. Go here to download [the beta you're already using]."

    I see that bug's been there for half the year at least, so they're not in a hurry to get decent feedback.

    Also it's still frackin' slow compared to Chrome!!!

      @Mike: No fix for the Feedback button - it still works just as you've described. Doh!

        Speaks volumes for Mozilla's quality control process in recent years.

    hope there's some flash improvements. Beta 7 on osx has awful flash. (I've been using chrome as a backup for this reason, it flies).

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