Fire Up Your Oven To Cook Perfect Bacon

Fire Up Your Oven To Cook Perfect Bacon

Microwaves often cook unevenly and skillets cook hot and fast. Skip the guesswork with your bacon prep and fire up your oven for perfectly cooked and amazingly delicious bacon.

Last weekend I found myself about to prepare a huge bundle of thick-cut bacon and I couldn’t stand the thought of such beautiful bacon getting ruined by my crappy microwave or burned in my skillet if my attention was divided among the different food prep going on that morning. I had heard about people using their ovens to cook bacon—a friend of mine had once mentioned that’s how they cooked the bacon at a restaurant he worked at. A little Google-fu later and I found an article on the DIY and household blog GoodnCrazy detailing how effective oven baking bacon is, especially when preparing a lot of bacon at once.

The technique is obscenely simple. Grab a cookie or jelly roll tray, line it with foil, place the bacon on the foil, and then cook in your oven for 20-25 minutes at 375F (190C). Pat the bacon dry with some paper towels and serve.

The bacon I made using the above technique was so delicious and so perfectly cooked it was amazing. The bacon practically melted in your mouth and was, by far, the best bacon I’d ever had. If you want to replicate the same melt-in-your-mouth effect, check in on the bacon around the 20 minute mark and pull it out if the fat has begun to darken and cook but it’s not quite fully crisp.

I love bacon? Who doesn’t? [GoodnCrazy]


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