Facebook Tweaks Profiles, Adds Featured Friends

Facebook Tweaks Profiles, Adds Featured Friends

Facebook is altering its profile pages for users, adding more information about your past work and education activities to your main profile and letting you highlight “featured” friends in specific lists (such as family, schoolmates, colleagues or whatever you like).

Other changes in Facebook’s latest update include infinite scroll on photos, an enhanced search facility for friends, and images attached to things you like and experiences or projects you’ve listed. The changes alter your profile page as seen by others, but don’t change the standard Facebook home page to any major degree.

Compared to some of the alterations Facebook has made in the past, this appears relatively uncontroversial at first glance. That said, it’s a reminder that Facebook rarely leaves anything alone for long, which can lead to privacy concerns if changes are made without being clearly explained. Make sure you’ve implemented the most useful Facebook fixes, and check out our guide to dialling down Facebook without quitting if you’re concerned about its access to your information but still want to use it to keep in contact with others.

Facebook is rolling out the new profile approach across all accounts, and expects the process to be completed by early 2011. You can hit the link below to immediately upgrade your profile.


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