Exercise Caution When Migrating Blogs

Automated tools for blog migration can be really handy if you switch publishing platforms, but they remove your ability to control the process. Pocket Mojo's guide to how it migrated from B2Evolution to WordPress serves as a reminder that sometimes it's best to get down and dirty with your database server.

The entire guide is really useful if you are making this particular switch, but the warning it offers regarding the data migration stage is relevant for almost any platform:

Many hosting companies have a thing called Fantastico that makes installing stuff like WordPress really easy. For this process to work – don’t use it. You need to download WordPress yourself, upload it to your server using an FTP client and configure it manually.

I've always taken this approach with WordPress. While one-click installs are great, if you're doing anything remotely complex they often require so much intervention that you'll be better off working through the process manually, taking advantage of WordPress' copious documentation to do so.

Hit the link below for the full migration guide, and share your own blog migration tips in the comments.

Migrating from B2Evolution to WordPress [Pocket Mojo]


    The Wordpress export/import functions work fine using a Fantastico install. The BIG downside is that only the URL of hosted images/files are transferred, so if your blog is image-intensive there is a heavy burden getting the images transfered as each URL points to the old blog address. If you can, host all images on an images server, to avoid this hurdle.

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