Epoxy Resin Turns A Cheap Serving Tray Into A One Of A Kind Creation

One of the fun things about DIY projects is turning cheap items into things that look significantly more expensive. This DIY mod takes a simple serving tray and customises it with an epoxy blend embedded with eye catching items.

IKEA Hacker reader Teresa wanted to customise some simple acrylic serving trays she picked up at IKEA. Her solution was to line the bottom of the tray with interesting and small items (in the tray pictured here she used tile pieces and colorful stones) and then pour an epoxy resin into the tray deep enough to cover the items. Once the resin hardens the items are preserved within it like insects caught in amber. It's an interesting way to take a cheap and unembellished item and customise it.

For another example of resin-based customisation check out this previously featured bottle cap table project.

Embellished Trays to Serve Holiday Cheer [IKEAHacker]


    Suggestion. . .
    Dont use epoxy. It turns yellow, goes rock hard, cracks and deteriorates in months.

    Use polyurethane, two part mix.
    It will stay glass clear and will not deteriorate, ever.

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