End Of Year Expense Claims About To Peak

Got a pile of expense claims you're planning to submit before Christmas? Chances are you're not the only one.

Picture by Phil Whitehouse

According to specialist software developer Concur, submissions to its expense claim software system rise 19% in the two weeks before Christmas, and December 21 — that's tomorrow — is the busiest day of the year. So don't count on getting those coffee costs back in a hurry.

How do you stay on top of expense claims to make sure you're not out of pocket? Share your system in the comments.


    I'm actually 15 years old and don't claim expenses, I just kind of feel bad when authors ask for comments and don't get any...stick in there buddy

    After reading an article here on Lifehacker a while back about "shoeboxed", I tried them - and simply haven't looked back. Great service. I went on their business plan and am very impressed with their turnaround on writing up (and sending back) my expenses. They also have a very good iPhone app that allows me to take photos of my expense receipt (in case I lose it) and submit online. I still can't kick the habit of dumping my receipts from my wallet into my drawer, but now I have one of their envelopes in there. I honestly think I have saved at least double the cost of the subscription in lost/missing receipts - and then there is the time savings - and as a small business (retail) owner, every minute counts these days...

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