Easily Sort Your Snail Mail With Binder Clips And Wall Hooks

With all the crap we get in the mail, keeping track of everything can be a challenge. Here's a quick way to organise your snail mail by hanging it on the wall, all thanks to our friend the binder clip.

Have we ever mentioned that we love binder clips? Here's a quick trick for sorting your mail using those endlessly versatile binder clips and some wall hooks (or even nails, if you want to play it old school). You can decide your sorting method, but for the purpose of example lets say we have three piles: incoming, outgoing and "act on" items (like bills). Sort all three, bind each together with their own binder clips, then hang each bound pile on one of the wall hooks. When you're ready to go through the mail, simple unhook it from the wall, release the binder clip, do what you need to do, and then put the binder clip (with any leftover mail) back on its designated hook. This is an easy and inexpensive way to quickly sort your mail — and it looks kind of neat, too.


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