DIY Protective Shield For Your HDTV

Anyone with kids (or unruly roomates) is probably constantly worrying about the surface of their TV screen. Reader Laurence took matters into his own hands and built an acrylic protective shield.

All you really need for the project is a sheet of acrylic, a drill, and some long strips of Velcro. Just drill some flat holes into the acrylic sheet and wrap the Velcro through them and around the back of the TV to keep it held on:

Laurence says on his TV, the sheet bows a little, and is subject to some static — you'll need to probably take it off the TV to clean it — but that when the TV is on, it doesn't produce a bunch of glare and will protect the screen from anything that might come its way. Hit the link for more details and photos.

HDTV Screen Protector Hack [Tsooki Notebook]


    An idea that would have been handy after my Mother in law scratched the crap out of my plasma whilst trying to wipe off the kids fingerprints :(

    My solution. I try very hard not to notice the divots but will definitely do this for the next one.

      oops....meant BEFORE she scratched it. Not much use after.

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