Disable The 'File Can Harm Your Computer' Message In Chrome

Every time you try to download an application in Google Chrome, it gives you an annoying prompt at the bottom of your browser asking if you are sure. You can't disable this message outright, but you can make your downloading more keyboard-friendly.

The real annoyance in this message is that you have to manually click on the "Save" button to make it go away. Even worse, it's so small and out of the way that I sometimes forget it's even there, and then waste time waiting for the download to finish before it's even started. Technology blog GHacks notes shows us how to replace this message with a more easily dismissable prompt:

The only option that users have is to enable the option to ask where to save each file before downloading. It is not an ideal solution because it will spawn the download window on every download.

The window offers an advantage to the user. Instead of having to move the mouse to the Save or Discard prompt it is possible to complete the download by pressing enter on the keyboard, providing the right directory is displayed on screen.

For those of you that don't know, this setting is in Chrome's preferences under the "Under the Hood" tab. Just check the box that says "Ask where to save each file before downloading" to enable it. It should still default to your normal Downloads folder, so you can just hit Enter to dismiss the prompt. The only downside is that this prompt will show up for every file you download, not just executables — but if you download a lot of software, it's probably an even trade.

Disable This Type of File Can Harm Your Computer in Google Chrome [GHacks]


    I agree that the warning is a little annoying, but one of the arguments is false. Chrome begins downloading immediately, regardless of whether or not you click Save, so you're not really wasting time if you don't notice the warning for a while.

    Check for yourself - begin downloading a file, ignore the warning message for 30 seconds, click Save. Notice how a chunk of the download is already completed.

    That has to be one of the most useless workarounds/tips I have ever read. I'd rather deal with using the mouse once in a while than having to press enter every single time to get rid of a popup. That and if you're typing away in a form on a website and that Save To dialog pops, you end up changing the filename you save it as

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