Dealush Offers Local Bargains, We've Got Codes

Online shopping is great, but sometimes you want to find a bargain in a store near where you live. Enter Dealush, a community for sharing details of local sales. The Australia-developed site is currently in a private beta, but we've got signup codes.

The concept of building a community around identifying discounts and sales isn't a new one online, of course (OzBargain is the obvious Australian example that springs to mind). The key distinguishing point of Dealush is that it emphasises deals in your area and in physical stores, rather than online bargains. If you set your city as 'Melbourne', you'll won't see listings for other cities. You can search within your area for specific categories and products. You can also add details of sales in any stores near where you live, and "lush" (like) deals that other members of the site post.

Dealush is a free site, currently in private beta and focusing on deals in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. There's also a contest running offering a $200 prepaid credit card for one early tester of the site. Use the promo code "Lifehacker" to sign up. (There's only a limited number on offer, so get in quickly if you fancy trying it out.)


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    Thanks for the coverage guys! Carl and I are very excited to have launched our "minimum viable product" and we really looking to work closely with our members to work out what features to develop next.

    So Lifehackers, if you've ever wanted to help shape a webapp, now's the time 'cause we're all soft and squishy :-)

    On feature of Dealush that I'd like to highlight is our "Daily Dealivery", where a member can nominate a location and keywords to be notified about in a daily summary. When a sale is posted close to that location, with any of the keywords it will be included in the email. If no matching sales are posted that day, then no email.

    Anyhow, we're really excited about Dealush and encourage you to try us out and let us know what you think on our feedback forum, via the contact page or even in comments on this article.


    James (Dealush co-founder)

    I would be so for this, except that I live in Canberra. Looking forward to the expansion when it comes.

      Hi @Sydney2k (or should that be Canberra2k? :-p) I'm glad that we appeal!

      We're definitely looking to expand into the rest of Oz when we come out of private beta. In fact, whilst we are officially concentrating on Melb, Sydney and Bris-vegas for the beta, there is nothing stopping members listing sales where ever they like. So feel free to post a sale and encourage other Canberrians? Canberrites? to do so.

      Also, if anyone likes the look of Dealush, but is not in one of our beta cities, I'd encourage you to join Dealush and setup your Daily Dealivery to notify you of sales home town. This will have two effects:

      1. You get notified when (and only when) sales are listed near you;
      2. You'll be sending a strong signal to us that your town should get some focus (and love).


      James (co-founder of Dealush)

        Canberrans, I'd say.

    Hello Lifehackers,

    A few people have reported receiving an error after trying to signup for Dealush.

    I just wanted to let you all know that this error has been resolved and the doors are open again!

    If you are interested, the problem was that we ran out of quota on our mailing service, so I had to buy some more!


    Carl @ Dealush

    Nice, I type to search for all the deals in "Perth" and it thinks I want "Perthville NSW"

      Hi poedgirl,

      Thanks heaps for trying out the site, and also for the feedback! We will get that looked at quick-smart!

      Unfortunately we are concentrating our efforts on Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane for this private beta, but we aim to be Australia wide very soon!

      As James mentioned above to Sydney2k, if you like the look of Dealush but you are not in one of our beta cities, you can still join Dealush, setup your Daily Dealivery, and then you will get notified when (and only when) sales are listed near you.


      Carl @ Dealush

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