Crop Images More Effectively In PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint 2010 offers a host of image cropping options, but where to find them isn't always obvious. Office blogger Helen Bradley walks through image cropping in the latest version of Microsoft's presentation application, including how to handle making images fill the available size.

Like the similarly concealed Style list option in Word, PowerPoint's more advanced cropping options only appear when you click on an easy-to-miss small arrow in the appropriate section of the ribbon (in this case, in the corner of the Picture Styles option under the Format tab). Hit the post for the full details.

Crop an image to size in PowerPoint 2010


    When cropping, the cropped portion of the picture is set to ~50% transparent. Is there any way to set it to invisible -- I would prefer to see my slide/the background. I find the transparancy distracting.


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