Create A Stronger Resume By Keeping It Brief

When it comes to resumes, less as more seems contradictory since it's tempting to want to fit your life's work on a single sheet of paper. Instead, focusing on just three big accomplishments can help create a stronger resume.

Resumes are often challenging in that people tend to run on limited space and push the margins to really accept all they've accomplished in their work life. It's natural to think the more you can show on a single page, the better off your standing will be. Instead, Mark Suster suggests emphasising only three key jobs or tasks to create a knockout resume requires

Many people feel the need to tell the reader everything they worked on rather than the 3 biggest accomplishments.  I always advise people to only put the things that had the biggest impact to maximize the chance that they'll actually be seen.

Since it's important for your resume to highlight the best of your experiences, focus on just a few major accomplishments over the course of your work history. You'll still want to mention the traditional stuff, such as where you worked, but emphasise the accomplishments you're most proud of.

While there may be cases where it's more beneficial to avoid resumes altogether, they're often a job application requirement. When you need to submit a resume, you're often better served by a concise resume that can be offset by your own personal site or LinkedIn profile that oulines your previous work, education, and other achievements.

Got any great resume tips that have helped you in the past? Share them in the comments.

When in Doubt, Leave it Out (Why Less is More) [Both Sides of the Table]


    I've been making one-page resumes for a while, and I really think it works. It forces you to be concise and make you think twice about putting in information just for the sake of putting it in there.

    I'm sure the last thing recruiters/employers want to do is scan pages and pages of information that is vaguely relevant.

    I made a one page resume and they said it lacked content. If its going to be one page... It needs to be one awesome page of information. Mine clearly lacked and it was for a good job to. I asked them at the end and they said the one page resume was a let down.

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