Crazy John’s Offers Six Months Blackberry Data For $29

Crazy John’s Offers Six Months Blackberry Data For $29

If you already own a BlackBerry and want to use it for email and browsing rather than calls, it’s going to be hard to beat this deal: Crazy John’s is offering a prepaid BlackBerry SIM for $29, which includes six months of unlimited email and browsing via the BlackBerry browser.

We’ve commented before that one of the challenges with a BlackBerry is that most of the options which include BlackBerry Internet Service — which makes the magic of BlackBerry email happen — are only available on postpaid contracts. As such, this a welcome addition.

Once the six months are up, you can also top up the pack for $24.95 for another six months. I use a similar deal from Optus, but that doesn’t seem to be actively promoted anymore. If you do have a BlackBerry sitting around, this is a dead cheap way of reactivating it as a browsing device.

Crazy John’s


  • There is a fineprint with this offer. You must recharge with minimum $29/month. So, it’s not actually $29 / 6 months, but it’s $29 + $5 (unlimited blackberry) / per month cost.

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