ChromeMarks Syncs Chrome Bookmarks With Android

ChromeMarks Syncs Chrome Bookmarks With Android

Android: If you’re tired of manually adding new bookmarks to both your PC and your phone, ChromeMarks will sync all your bookmarks between Android and Chrome with minimal setup.

ChromeMarks is super simple to use: just open it up, pick your Google account in the settings, and hit Sync. You don’t even need to enter your password: it just links directly to a Google account already on your phone. It’ll sync all your Chrome bookmarks to your phone in just a few seconds. Note that you need bookmark sync enabled in Chrome for this to work.

It doesn’t sync your bookmarks directly to your browser; you have to open the ChromeMarks app to access them. This is a downside if you’re using the default Android browser, but it’s nice if you use something like previously mentioned Dolphin, since it’s compatible with any browser you’re using.


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