Chrome Web Store Gives Aussie Developers The Rough End Of The Pineapple Again

Last month, we told you how Google wasn't actually able to pay Australian Android developers selling apps through the Android market, a situation it eventually managed to resolve. However, now it is doing the exact same thing to prospective Chrome Web Store developers.

Picture by Drew Douglas

One of the more astonishing things I learned yesterday while researching Chrome Web Store was that Google was planning to let history repeat itself and leave Australian Web store developers high and dry. "You can't get paid for your apps yet, but we're looking forward to Aussie developers getting paid for their apps soon," a spokeperson told me.

Apparently, despite having set up a bank approval mechanism for Android, the whole process has to be done again for Chrome Web Store. This does not strike us as the mark of an efficient business. More to the point, a company as cashed-up as Google should not be treating individual developers as its own personal bank.

Are you an Aussie developer hoping to develop for the Chrome Web Store? Have you actually managed to establish a mechanism where Google will pay you? Tell us in the comments.


    Thanks for the post. I can confirm that you cant even submit a paid app to the store if you are an Aussie dev contrary to the above. Either way you cant get any money from the Webstore as an Aussie dev yet. (Dec 2010)

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